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Sis. Shirley Moody
    Sis. Sandra Woolfolk

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The Ernest L. Moody Scholarship

The Ernest L. Moody Scholarship was established in June, 2011 after the death of Deacon Ernest L. Moody on April 9, 2011.  This scholarship is intended to reflect and continue to support young people who have a desire to complete high school and attend a two year or 4 year college.  Over thirty years ago Deacon Moody set forth to recognize and encourage our young people regarding the importance of an education.  

Deacon Moody graduated from A. G. Richardson High School in Louisa, Virginia.  He received his under graduate degree from Virginia State University.  He also received an Honorary Doctorate degree from World University in Tucson, Arizona.

Deacon Moody was drafted into the Military Service in 1960.  Shortly after completing his service career he relocated to Maryland.  He then began a career that expanded over thirty years.  He retired from the United States Department of Agriculture in 1994.  He received many awards for his work as soil conservationist for the District of Columbia and Maryland.  He instructed several classes on agriculture at George Washington University.

In the early forties Ernest L. Moody became a member of the Holy Church of God, now called The Temple of Deliverance in Mineral, Virginia.  He served the church in many capacities.  He was on the staff of deacons and trustees.  He was a musician for the Youth Choir and the Senior Choir.  He was also a voice trainer.  The choir members greatly respected his expertise in music and his ability to lead the choir.  Through this dedication to the church and his love for young people this scholarship is just one of the legacies he leaves behind.  

In deepest memory of Deacon Ernest L. Moody, Sister Ruth White has kept this dream alive in the absence of Deacon Ernest Moody.  Sister Ruth White further endeavors to continue to encourage young people to promote education and a walk with Christ.  I ask that you continue to pray that God will bless our young people as they embark upon a closer walk with God. 

Sis Ruth White