Minister of Music
Eld. Robert H. Brice Sr.

Assistant Minister of Music
Dea. Samuel Titus Smith

The Temple of Deliverance Music Department is comprised of various singing groups ranging from ages 2 to the mid seventies. Our purpose is to sing worship songs that will minister inspiration and conviction to all. Our mission is to be creative and innovative in our music, to develop quality sound, and to express Christ in a profound and realistic way through song. Biblical writers sang from personal experience expressing themselves through Psalms. They challenge us to operate in the same spirit of excellence.       

Currently Temple of Deliverance HCG Inc. 
has 4 singing groups/choirs:  

Mass/Cathedral Choir
Sis. Sandra Woolfolk, Coordinator/Directress
Sis Rhonda Woolfolk, Directress
Sis Michelle Smith, Directress
Dea. Samuel Titus Smith, Director

United Voices Of Praise
Sis Rhonda Woolfolk, President
Dea. Samuel Titus Smith, Director

T.O.D. Youth Choir
Sis. Lynetta Watkins, President
Sis Rhonda Woolfolk, Directress

Gospel Disciples
Dea. Sherman Winn, President

Dea. Samuel Titus Smith, Organist & Pianist
Bro. Jamie Lewis, Bass Guitar
Bro. Jamal Woolfolk, Bass Guitar
Bro. Tim Adams, Drums

Music Department
To contact Elder Brice regarding the music department, email