History of the Missionary Department

Fifty-five years ago a consecrated group of sisters with like minds were organized to do a work for the Lord.  This group was called the Missionary Department.  Mother Eva Lena Adams-Garnett was elected the first president and presided until her death.  Continuing the work of the Lord, Mother Geneva Woolfolk was elected and presided until her passing.  The mantle was passed on to Mother Pearl Gordon, who served faithfully until her health failed.  Sister Shirley Moody then assumed the role as acting-president until Sis Connie Comfort was elected to preside.  

Mother Ruby Beanum was elected in 2003 and served faithfully until 2008 when she took the role of Missionary Advisor.  At which time, Sis Marilyn Silver was elected president until 2015. Then the baton was passed to Sister Roberta Johnson, our current president.  The Missionary Department has worked in many capacities down through the years aiding Pastor Lynn Beanum, our Elders, our church  families, and local communities. Although laborers have come and gone, God still has faithful workers in His vineyard with made up minds to go all the way with the Lord.  

It is by God’s hand that we are guided and directed to journey on as servants of the Most High. Our mission is possible only though the power of Jesus Christ, as we strive to submit with one mind and one purpose saying, “ Lord, thy will be done in us!”

Missionary Department
Sis Ruth White, President