The vision: a ministry
In a world where movies, television and plays are replete with illicit content,  masked by “Christian” values, our family plays are genuinely rich with the essence and power of Jesus Christ. Our purpose is not simply to provide the audience with a “good show”-- our SOLE purpose is winning SOULS for Christ. It is our fervent prayer that our down-to-earth stage plays will minister to the hearts and minds of our audiences; that they will leave inspired, uplifted, and changed through the power and anointing of Jesus Christ. 

The experience: life-changing
We invite you all to come enjoy one of our many heartfelt and awe-inspiring productions. Some of our productions have been entitled:

“Nailed to the Cross” 
Written by: Tara Lewis, Sherika Wormley, & 
   Sierra A. Silver

“The Safest Place”
Written by: Sierra A. Silver

“Born This Day: Go Tell It On the Mountain”
Written by: Sierra A. Silver

Come experience one of our lifestyle changing dramatic productions at the Temple of Deliverance. 

The leadership: excellence through Christ
First and foremost, the directors of the Drama Department know that Jesus Christ is the head director of the Drama Department. Without His leadership, guidance, & power, the Drama Department would fail to exist. The directors of the Drama Department at the Temple of Deliverance adhere to high-standards of spirituality, quality, and excellence. It is the primary goal of the directors that the Drama Department not simply be seen as a fun pastime, but also a time of learning, reflection, and soul-searching.

Drama Department
Sister Sierra A. Silver
Director, Playwright