The mission and purpose of the Temple Of Deliverance HCG, Inc. cemetery board is to provide adequate earth space for families of the church to bury and honor their loved ones who have passed beyond the temporal world.

The cemetery board is headed by Deacon Major White who is the point of contact along with the Pastor when a member is in need of this service. Other board members include: Elder Robert Johnson, Deacon Larry Adams, Deacon Sherman Winn, Brother Jesse Jackson, Brother Ray Johnson, Brother Warren McIntosh, Brother Leroy Middleton and Jr. Deacon Bryant Sims. 

The cemetery board seeks to provide guidance and recommendations to establish provisions and rules for the proper administration of the site. These members also provide for the direct maintenance and volunteer services for the proper upkeep of the cemetery grounds. The board members also oversee the proper documentation of grave sites and its record keeping, assisting in preparations for memorial services held at the cemetery.

Pastor Beanum is the spiritual advisor for the Cemetery Board.

Cemetery Board
Deacon Major White
Cemetery Board Chairman